Management Message

Principal (Acting)

Welcome to UTTARA PREPARATORY SCHOOL (UPS). Education is the backbone of a nation. It is the base of all sorts of development of a country. The World of Education, Knowledge, Science, ICT and governance is in a process of continuous change and improvement. The uses and influences of computer and dissemination of knowledge and information, the effect of reducing the large world to a global village, the consequent of mobility of people from one country to another for studies and job search facts of modern life mingle with our burning desire of education our children in the eternal light of Islam and imbruing them with our values a sense of life.

The country and the world call for establishing educational institutions aimed at achieving such goals. Academic institutions like a school and a college are the means through which people all over the world, in addition to this family and social effects, try to educate this minds, body and soul. From such an awareness there has been an initiative to begin a school in Dhaka from 2018.

Thank you for going through our message. I urge you to make contact and organize a tour of our dream school and meet our fabulous students, staff and community.