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Uttara Preparatory school (UPS) is committed to providing sound, cost-effective, comprehensive and quality education to its students to lead the generation and leading others in the future. UPS is following the National Curriculum and it has classes from Play Group to Class Eight. Bangladesh Government accepted Curriculum helps our Students to gain knowledge on our culture, history, moral values and prepared them to be an ideal citizen of Digital Bangladesh. The School strives to offer the kind of education and discipline with which the children are prepared to face the challenges of life.

Providing a friendly, caring and happy school in order to give our children the best chance of achieving their position in the wider world community and set their own high standards and make the best possible progress in all areas of the curriculum. Helping teachers and staff to achieve their potential through teamwork and mutual respect. Uttara Preparatory School is also working in collaboration with parents for the benefit of their children’s education.

Our vision is to prepare students to strive for the highest possible achievement to be the best they can be, that they value and respect themselves, others and the global community and that they are passionate about learning and pursuing excellence.


Principal (Acting)

Welcome to UTTARA PREPARATORY SCHOOL (UPS). Education is the backbone of a nation. It is the base of all sorts of development of a country. The World of Education, Knowledge, Science, ICT and governance is in a process of continuous change and improvement. The uses and influences of computer and dissemination of knowledge and information, the effect of reducing the large world to a global village, the consequent of mobility of people from one country to another for studies and job search facts of modern life mingle with our burning desire of education our children in the eternal light of Islam and imbruing them with our values a sense of life.


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